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6. No family Progress

“A family that stays together grows together”. Various kinds of progress is expected in a family, the distance would stand as a barrier because sooner or later the zeal to achieve their goals and pursuit will reduce as other personal and desperate goals will rank top on the priority chart. Single parenting can be challenging, the responsibilities attached to it comes with a lot of stress, to make ends meet. Raising a child as a single parent could be difficult especially in maintaining discipline in the house. it also have a way of affecting a child’s Psychological primary behavior as he grows older.

7. No History together

 Some historical events that occur in a family will bring a family closer either negatively or positively. A negative event would give the opportunity to comfort the other. Some positive events has a way of instilling happiness in our memory log. if you don’t grow a history together you can’t have a love story.

8. No reunion date.

Sometimes a distance relationship could come up anytime. It could be as a result of a partner going to study or Job transfer. It’s a problem when there is no fixed and permanent date to reunite together forever, It’s like taking away hope from the family once there is nothing to hold on to, the soul becomes weary.

9. Poor communication

There is no communication like face to face or one on one communication, discussions or issues communicated online or through phone calls cannot be 100% effective, because some issues are best explained in gesture, facial expression and body language. For example, your wife is complaining of not spending time with her, after she says that, a kiss on her lips, a whisper of am sorry and a big hug will go a long way than. “I love you from the moon down to the earth.

In Conclusion, we all want to be safe in our relationships, The Book Single, Married and safe is an eye opener that will enrich you with knowledge to build a strong and successful marriage. it takes determination and a lot of commitment to make a successful marriage, couples are meant to live and stay together, both parties need to understand each other and be ready to pay the price of total commitment if at all there is going to be distance between them. “Remember No two marriages are the same”. What is your opinion or contribution, I love to hear from you.

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