I will Mentor You Until You earn up to $100 on Fiverr

February 11, 2019 Tola-Francis No comments exist

In the year 2016, I was led to start a crusade on helping people summarize books. After launching a group online and WhatsApp, i started receiving testimonies from subscribers. Then I heard about Fiverr an online market place for skilled and tradesmen. I decided to be an article writer and a Book summator (permit me to use the word). I tried all I could for almost a year but no order. It was a frustrating time but I didn’t give up because I can see others making money, “they don’t have two heads I said”. To the glory of God I was able to breakthrough the secret of making your first $100 by starting with a $5 order in August 2017. Fiverr is a market place with over a million opportunities to serve millions of buyers. It’s like the sky, no matter the number of sellers we have on Fiverr, you stand a chance of making a profit “The sky is enough for every bird to fly without obstructing each other”. Sometimes when I get multiple orders, I distribute it among friends and family to help out, so that I don’t miss my delivery date. See my screenshots for more.  i intentionally had a screenshot in the first day of the month to show my progress until the 11th of February for proper evidence

Screenshots from December and 1st week in February and Transactions on my Payoneer.

The Gigs am going to teach you to sell could be based on your skill or better still learn the skill or get the software. I have a few major skills that are yet to be crowded on fiverr. Some you need to purchase a software and some you need just your time

Why am I mentoring and not selling a manual? I am offering mentorship because I have had experience of buying a lot of training manuals with little or no result, I won’t want anyone to pass through the same frustration. That’s the more reason I can’t mentor more than 10 persons for the month of March. Aside from that, i am very busy with my regular job and other offline jobs and i need to attend to them including my family.

So, therefore, I will be Mentoring 10 serious individuals for the month of March until they make their first $100 for just     NGN10,000

Click here to Pay Online

or Make payments to Tola Olabanjo Stanbic Bank 0007084938 and send evidence of payment to talk2me@tolafrancis.com  

You must meet the following requirements.

  • Have a Laptop and a Smart Phone
  • Have a skill or something you are good at(Optional)
  • Have constant access to the internet
  • Have access to electricity
  • Spare some hours in a day to work.
  • Have integrity

Please note: I have a very busy schedule, as i need to attend to my regular job family and other offline duties. In other words, i can only attend to 10 persons per month. Mentorship Class begins on the 8th of March 2019. 

You can contact me for more at talk2me@tolafrancis.com


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