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June 6, 2019 Tola-Francis No comments exist

Am glad to announce to you we are now on Google play store. I really don’t know how much you invest on books as a person, I can’t begin to emphasize why you need to read and its benefits. I have done the campaign over two years now and over 300 participants and clients locally and internationally have been committed to this act. Sometimes you don’t feel like reading, sometimes you feel eager. The truth is that the most favorable things to your body soul and spirit comes with a price tag. If you are paying no price the probability of a great reward is slim. The summaries are fully enrich to detail all information from each pages of every book are in the summary with an average reading time of 15mins. Book summaries will be uploaded monthly. We can’t run out of books.
What will Premium subscribers get?
Access to book summaries ranging from leadership, productivity, money and investment,marketing, Christian literature, and so on
•Get free access to our full eBook library
•Order for Hard copies of any book of your choice and many other services.

We would also be uploading Animated book summaries on our YouTube channel and Instagram This is One out of many services you would benefit from as a Premium subscriber
¶Have you thought of how much you spend on feeding your body per month/perday. How much do you spend to feed your mind? If you do the ratio analysis you will discover your mind is starving. We would have love to Give free access but the energy and tine involved in summarizing books is high. So many factors involved. So I was able to make it minimal as possible.
Premium Subscription fee is -=N= 1000/year on an average I spend a minimum of =N=20k per year on books, My wife pleads with me never to go the book store on payday. Do the needful by subscribing today.

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