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While I was having my personal time one morning, these dropped in my spirit. When David’s wives and children were captured, he was sorrowful, but did not whine in self pity, he knew he had to pursue and take what is his.

I remember the time I was searching for the right spouse and I felt like all the good and beautiful girls of my taste are taken, but in the real sense are yet to taken home. The truth is that because she says she is in a relationship does not mean you can’t present yourself to be holy and acceptable, sometimes she may not realize you are the best option, she may be in an unserious relationship. Just ensure you are truthful, sincere and open minded so she can see through you. That special girl is waiting for you to convince her don’t give up. I remember when I was asking my wife out, it took me six months before she accepted my proposal. Those times were the most frustrating times of my life, I travelled to her home in Osun state, Nigeria around four times, which is 4-5hours drive from Lagos and I will still return back to Lagos rejected. After praying to God to show it to her, because she insisted it is only God that can change her mind, though she was in an unserious relationship, I told her is it until when an angel appeared to her, and she said yes. I went as far as going to approach her parent to declare my intentions, she insisted she is not convinced, that there is nothing to pray about. As God will have it while she was waiting for her call up letter to serve her country, she was a teacher in a primary school and that faithful day, she told the pupils to write a sentence and 80% wrote Tola is a good boy. That was the beginning of my journey to her heart. I want to encourage you.  I thought good and beautiful girls are taken until I saw mine. Keep on searching and believing.

Habakkuk 2:3

 For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak, and not lie: though it tarry, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry.

Dear Single and unmarried Sister.
Because he is the first doesn’t make him the best, because you have been in relationship for 10 yrs doesn’t make him the one for you. You know in your heart you are compatible with this other guy, the chemistry is different but because your parents like him, you don’t want to refuse him. My dear there is no harm in getting the best. Good guys are out there ready to treat you like a queen and not like a slave. some will be  acting like you are fortunate to be with them my dear he should be the lucky guy, Not him telling you are lucky to have him. Don’t marry him because you have peace alone. He that finds a wife has found a good thing and favor in the sight of God. Every man needs a virtuous woman to build his home.

Proverb 12: 4 virtuous woman is a crown to her husband, but a wife who puts him to shame is like bone cancer.(KJV)

I humbly implore you to anticipate this informative and powerful book centered or blunt realities and truth happening in our life and how to deal with it as a SINGLE AND MARRIED INDIVIDUAL… All facts are based on the scriptures. more excerpts of the book would be posted on my, Instagram handle :@iamtolafrancis Facebook:Banjo Tola Francis Single, Married and Safe written by Tola and Tolu Olabanjo

Ebook Release date June 1st 2018

Banjo Tola Francis
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