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Types of Readers in Leaders Digest



In leaders digest, we are delightful to have these types of readers because they open our eyes to different perspective and view of life

The First Category of Readers I call them

THE THIRSTY READERS. These set of readers are always available and the first set of people to read a post and are always eager to read the review or summary when posted. They expect so much because of their thirst for knowledge and are the ones that keep the group active through their contributions and comments on a Book.

The Second Category

THE ODD READERS. These set of Readers are mostly unavailable online but no matter the number of post that is previously posted they will find time to read at odd hours or some days after the Chapter Review. They read at their own convenient time

The Third Category are the

THE SLIGHT READERS. These set of readers do not partake in the book review often but will look forward to Download the summary after the entire book review, they only read the excerpts and wait for the review to be over before reading.

The Last Category are the

NOISE MAKERS. These set of people have so many things in common with the thirsty readers, they are uncontrollably moved by knowledge, they are finding it a little difficult to adjust to the rules of the library cause of their burning desire to reach out to individuals that’s why we give room for post to be screened by the admins and can only be posted by the admin as long as it is beneficial to the house

Which category are you..

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