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Waiting and Dating

This book tracks through the murky waters of relationships between single people. In the western world, we call this relationship “dating.” Dr. Munroe looks at all of the relevant questions that swirl around the dating issue. What is the purpose of dating? When is a person “ready” to date? What are the appropriate guidelines for dating? Should I be dating? These are important questions that deserve answers. Dr. Munroe provides those answers as he seeks to help people avoid the possibility of shipwrecking their lives and helps them build for the future.
Book Summary
1. You are ready to date when you are fully aware of both
the benefits and the dangers of dating.
2. You are ready to date when you have worked out beforehand a clear set of guidelines for behavior based
on God’s Word.
3. You are ready to date when you have resolved in your spirit that you will not lower or compromise those standards for any reason, even if it means losing dates.
4. You are ready to date when you don’t need to.
5. You are ready to date when you have first learned how to be alone.

6. A whole person has a healthy self-concept.
7. A whole person has a clear and solid faith.
8. A whole person grows his or her own roots in God.
9. You should be preoccupied with preparing yourself for whomever God is preparing for you.
10. Our first priority as believers is to seek the Kingdom and righteousness of God.
11. Don’t ever become so preoccupied by who you want that you forget to be who you are.
12. Unity of mind and thought—walking in agreement—is the kind of relationship believers must have in order to
experience God’s power.
13. Intimacy is a state of existence in which both partners in a relationship trust the other more and more with
their innermost thoughts.
14. The chief purpose of dating is to develop true intimacy—a oneness of spirit—between a man and a
15. True friendship—not casual acquaintance, but people who are joined together heart and soul—is the foundation for all successful long-term relationships

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