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Why You Need to Read

Are u a leader? If yes then you must be a Reader. Do you love to grow in the word of knowledge?…..

Do you have a busy schedule? And u don’t have time to finish up your library. Join Leaders Digest online and on Whatsapp let’s summarize various books to you. Ranging from spiritual, motivational, Relationship, and Self development books.

The difference between a successful man and an average man is Information. Show me a successful man his ideas came from a combination of books. It’s not going to be direct but it will expand the scope and horizon of your mind and when an opportunity arises. It is always easy to identify a useful icon. This is the kind of people establishment, an organization will break protocol to employ.

In other words readers are leaders, In addition, leaders digest is strictly for disciplined leaders who are hungry for knowledge. There is no successful person that is not a product of secret information, and this is gotten from reading, that is why after reaching a peak, they want to write a book. “YOU CANNOT REACH THE PEAK WITHOUT BEING A READER”.

I came across a report online revealing that adults who spend just 30 minutes a week reading are 20 percent more likely to be satisfied with their lives. Among the many benefits experienced by regular readers were higher self-esteem and greater self-acceptance. In part, this must be because of reading, although paradoxically a solitary activity, actually helps us feel less isolated.

One in four readers says that a book has helped them realize that other people have shared their life experiences.

Readers also find it easier to make decisions and are 10 percent more capable of planning and prioritizing. Dr Josie Billington, report, concludes that this may be because readers are more able to recognize that difficulties and setback are unavoidable aspects of human life. It is not simply that we feel better about our own problems but that we have a greater capacity for empathy. Readers were also found to have a stronger and more engaged awareness of social issues and of cultural diversity than non-readers. Regular readers reported 57 percent greater cultural awareness and 21 percent more general knowledge. The stories and ideas contained in a book can open our minds and unite us with other cultures, helping us to gain a deeper understanding and respect for them. Books can also expand our minds, and readers reported higher levels of creativity than non-readers. This sense of connectedness extends beyond our immediate social circles. The report found that readers were more comfortable with strangers, reporting not only that they find it easier to start conversations but also find greater enjoyment in these interactions.

Reading can be a social as well as a solitary, activity and the act of reading immediately makes us part of a wider community.

It is also revealing the reasons why people have abandoned reading for pleasure.

But overwhelmingly the most common reason for giving up on books, blamed by most readers, was lack of time, perhaps because people saw reading as an indulgence rather than a necessity in their lives. Now, of course, I don’t expect books to come before family or work but this report demonstrates that reading for pleasure is a vital part of a balanced life, growth and achieving success. Consider, if we were all to find just half an hour a week to read, what a collective difference this could make both to us as individuals and to our society. Which is why I believe Leaders Digest is so important. One in ten adults of working age in the world struggle with reading and might not be able to complete a report at work or worn out due to office stress Their reasons for not reading are varied but they are often based on fear. Some people say they find reading scary and intimidating, thinking books are “not for them” or that they are difficult or boring. This belief partly reflects the major cause of unproductivity among Youths today. It was to break down this barrier that, Leaders Digest, was created to help our Today’s Leaders (Youth), not tomorrow’s leaders

In Leaders Digest we Summarize books for you to read! Ranging from Motivational, Inspirational, Health, Christian Fiction, Self Development, Christian Literature’s, and Leadership books.

Join us and you too can become a reader… “Do not underestimate the power of knowledge, it can conquer any battle…”Tola- Francis Olabanjo”

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